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Self-regulating valve

Self regulating valve for regulating media flow, pressure and liquid level. According to the signal conditioning parts, automatic control valve opening to achieve the medium flow rate, adjustment, pressure and level.

Self regulating valve on the pressure medium flows through the valve, the temperature inside the valve automatically work as an energy driven, no external power supply. Self regulating valve are using the output feedback signal valve (pressure, pressure difference, temperature) through the signal tube opening is transferred to the driven valve change the valve, to adjust the pressure, flow, temperature in the. Self regulating valve is divided into direct and indirect effect acting.

Self regulating valve direct acting type is also known as the spring load type, a flexible element within its structure such as: spring, bellows, bellows type bulb, using elastic force and the principle of balance between the feedback signal.

Indirect acting valve, added a pilot (pilot valve) and it plays the role of the feedback signal amplification and then through the actuator, the valve movement to achieve the purpose of changing the valve opening.

If the pressure regulating valve, the feedback signal is the valve outlet pressure, the introduction of the implementing agencies through the signal tube.
If the flow control valve, there is a plate valve outlet (or other resistance device) differential pressure signal into the actuator consists of a hole plate ends out.
If the temperature control valve, the valve outlet there is a temperature sensor, through the medium temperature sensor in the expansion and contraction of the actuator.