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Pneumatic butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of a rotary actuator and valve body. Pneumatic butterfly valve with a travel limit switch, solenoid valve, air filter relief pressure valve and 0.4-0.7MPa gas source switching operation can be realized, and sends the switch two on passive contact signal indicating valve. The use of intelligent control and positioning, and supporting domestic electric valve positioner, input 4-20mADC signal and 0.4-0.7MPa source can realize intelligent control, can adjust the parameters of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level etc.. It is powered by compressed air, valve rod drives the valve core to rotate 90 degrees in the valve body, can realize the full - full closure of the action. The product is divided into metal seal and soft seal according to its sealing performance. Has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, reliable operation, good sealing performance, easy repair, convenient installation, strong adaptability etc. Pneumatic butterfly valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical, automotive and other industrial automatic control for centralized remote control or local control system.