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Electric Ball Valve

Electric ball valve rotary valve is a rotating angle is 90 ¡ã, good sealing performance, large flow capacity, flow resistance coefficient is small, simple structure, convenient repair, long service life, the channel of the valve body and connected with a diameter equal diameter, the media without flow resistance. Can be equipped with CH, CHV, CHQ electric actuator. Electric ball valve is usually used in demanding sealing applications, in addition to control of gas, liquid, steam medium, and is also suitable for control of sewage and fibrous impurity medium, widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, papermaking, power, refrigeration and other work areas.
Electric ball valve is widely used in petrochemical, pipeline etc.. Ball valve closure is a sphere with a hole (or part of the spherical), ball rotation with the stem, the valve open or closed.
Electric ball valve is rotated 90 degrees can be closed to open, with the same specifications of the valve, stop valve, ball valve is of small volume, light weight, convenient installation of pipelines.