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Electric Control valve

Regulating valve for regulating media flow, pressure and liquid level.According to the opening of regulatory signals, automatic control valves, so as to achieve medium flow, pressure and level of regulation.

Electric control valve is used to drive electric power and thus drive the valve actuator to control the flow, which is the industrial automation and process control is an important instrument of execution units. As the degree of automation industry increasing, more and more being used in various industrial fields. Electric control valve with conventional pneumatic control valve has obvious advantages: saving (only consume energy when working), environmental (carbon emissions), quick and easy installation (no complex pneumatic piping and pump stations), working power supply: AC22V 380V and other voltage levels.

Electric control valve signal received by the industrial automation and control systems (eg: 4 ~ 20mA) to drive the change in cross-sectional area the size of the valve plug and seat piping between the control medium flow, temperature, pressure, etc..